The Metropolitan Skills Ltd takes pleasure in inviting you to participate in another exciting program on the Islamic Capital Market, Sukuk and Treasury Instrument, scheduled to take place in Abuja, Nigeria.

Date:                          10th – 13th October, 2016.

Course Fee:             N250,000


Liquidity management for non-interest banking institution has become extremely sophisticated over the last 14 years. Whilst Malaysia has been the leading region in the issuance, the variety of structures in Islamic capital market instrument has become an expert field that requires an in depth understanding.

The challenge in structuring for non-interest banks and assets management companies in introducing Islamic capital market have been avoiding restrictions on liquidity management including interest, asset identification, risk return and regulation.

Sound principals are essential for surviving the perfect storms that has been crashing on the economic shores of almost every country in the world. The financial crisis has resulted in economy vigorously searching for an alternative solution.

Islamic capital market via Sukuk and other sharia compliant instruments provides a formidable alternative to the conventional processes, serving as religious consideration to Muslim investors as well as a reliable method of investing for everyone.

The Islamic financial services industry has grown to about $2 trillion as at 2015. This course provides a deep insight into the method of non-interest investing, Islamic capital market that comply with sharia and structuring Sukuk that can be rated and issued within a conventional financial service industry. The course is also designed to provide Islamic capital market product including commodity Murabaha and how to structure it.

Learn about portfolio construction, sharia screening, Takaful models, Sukuk design and listing through leading-edge case studies and practical exercises. The course is conducted by an expert trainer, advisor and consultant in Islamic finance, Islamic finance planning, strategy and sharia structuring in Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Joining this course will allow you share the experience of the course facilitator in order to fulfil your specific requirements in product development.

Interact in the most practical, simplified product structuring in Islamic banking by learning the fundamentals and the basis for establishing these products. The Facilitator will lead you through a large amount of information in an unbelievably simple, easy to follow method that will allow you to leave the course with a strong skill-set instead of information overload.

It is sincerely, an amazing course that will allow you to participate from the beginning in class discussion, class case studies and debates on real-life finance issues, directed by a an Internationally acclaimed Facilitator with extensive experience in almost all the Islamic Finance disciplines from around the world.

For further enquires please contact Ummahani A. Amin on 234(0)8037870069  or Rahma Muhammed on +234(0)8099162256


Don’t miss out on this enlightening opportunity.

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The Metropolitan Skills Limited


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